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Assessments for universities and HE colleges

Expert providers of remote,
SASC-compliant, diagnostic assessments of

Specific Learning Differences (SpLD)
to universities, HE colleges and their students

What do we provide for disability professionals?
  • Team of expert, HCPC-registered, practitioner psychologists

  • Professional and reliable service with quality assured reports, at an affordable cost - £375

  • Fully managed, online booking processes which removes the admin burden from your department

  • Highly successful student journey with online booking, multiple appointment reminders and low DNAs

  • Quick referral and report turnaround (2 weeks)

  • Weekly activity reporting so you can track students' progress, outcomes and feedback

  • Personal involvement of our Principal Psychologist for safeguarding and case reviews

What do we provide for students?
  • A safe, supportive and caring assessment experience.

  • Quick report turnaround

  • Easy-to-use online booking system

  • Immediate access to appointments

  • Daytime, evening and weekend appointments

  • Multiple appointment reminders

  • Support to join online meetings

  • A service that is highly rated by students

  • 4.84 out of 5 - student satisfaction survey results based on more than 3400 assessments, conducted between May '22 to May '23

  • Over 50, and growing - the number of UK universities and HE colleges who use our services

  • 100% - the number of our reports accepted by DSA in the academic year 22/23

CF Psychology is a provider of remote diagnostic assessments of SpLDs, working with over 30 UK
universities and HE colleges. Our assessment model was highly commended by the BPS Innovation and Practice Award 2020 and it allows our team of practitioner psychologists to deliver an effective, tailored and flexible assessment service.

Our passion is providing a highly professional service to disability departments and a supportive,
gold-standard experience to their students. Institutions who work with us enjoy a 100% success rate to date with DSA applications for eligible students. Because we take care of the booking process, their administrative burden is dramatically reduced. Staff training, consultation and robust safeguarding processes are included as part of their service.

Students benefit from a swift, online booking system with multiple, automated appointment
reminders, leading to low numbers of missed appointments. Our psychology team, comprised
predominantly of clincial and educational psychologists, have an in-depth understanding of SpLD,
neurodevelopmental and mental health issues and are highly skilled in providing a safe and
supportive assessment experience. We gather student feedback after every assessment and average 4.84 out of 5, for student satisfaction.

We’d love to meet with you to better understand your challenges and to see if we can add value to your department. 
Student feedback

"A very sensitive assessment which was handled and managed with the upmost care. Thank you"

"The doctor explained each element of the session really well. I felt at ease during the session. She was very personable and easy to talk to, allowing me to discuss my concerns and thoughts, stress free. Thank you."

"The psychologist was amazing. I must say the thought or doing tests was daunting but they put me at ease and the experience was pleasant."

"Dr Pandis was brilliant and I found that after they diagnosed me with dyslexia they provided so many things to help me with my studies and explained everything so thrououghly to me. they were brilliant and I would highly recommend them. Thanks Dr Pandis!"

Barry Hayward
Head of Disability Support and Inclusion,
King's College London

CF Psychology have provided a reliable and well-informed service to the Disability Support & Inclusion team at King's College London. We value their expertise and their willingness to engage in discussion about individual students. The students we have referred to CF Psychology have benefitted from the provision of effective SpLD assessments. We appreciate Batul’s leadership and her willingness to engage in discussion around appropriate reasonable adjustment recommendations.

James Saward
Head of Student Health and Wellbeing,
City University of London

It has been great to have quick turn arounds on assessments for our students. The service provided is efficient and accessible and helped us manage the significant increase in students seeking assessment.

If you have any queries, call us on 020 7101 3751 or email
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