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Assessments for university 
and college students

Diagnostic Assessments of Specific Learning Differences:


dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia and ADHD (non-medical diagnosis)


For learning support, exam access arrangements and Disabled Student Allowance (DSA)

The cost of this assessment is £375

Students about to start, or studying, undergraduate or postgraduate courses, who require a diagnostic assessment of specific learning differences (SpLD) for learning support with studies, exam access arrangements and Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) applications. This type of assessment is not suitable to provide evidence for students studying for GCSEs or A levels.

What can this assessment identify?

Dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia and ADHD (non-medical diagnosis).


The identification of ADHD in this assessment is to provide evidence for learning support, exam access arrangements and DSA applications. It is a non-medical diagnosis and therefore does not provide access to medication.


  • Assessments tailored to provide evidence for learning support, exam access arrangements and DSA applications for students at higher education colleges and universities

  • Remote, 2 hour assessment with one of our highly skilled practitioner psychologists

  • A safe, supportive and caring assessment experience

  • Quick report turnaround - 10 working days

  • Easy-to-use online booking system

  • Immediate access to appointments

  • Daytime, evening and weekend appointments

  • Multiple appointment reminders

  • Support to join your online appointment

  • 4.84/ 5 - student satisfaction survey results based on more than 3400 assessments


“It was really amazing to talk to someone professional about the different things that I personally have going on. In the meeting/assessment it was really relaxing and easy to talk to the practitioner. Super friendly, felt no sense of judgement at all. It was great to get an answer at the end as well as an explanation to why and what it means. Overall a great experience and I am very thankful.”

Student assessed in February 2024

How the process works

For further information about our assessments for students, please call 0207 101 3751 or

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