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“Speaking with school on your behalf, to agree the implementation of your child’s support”


Schools work hard to support pupils with their learning and the insights and recommendations of an educational psychologist help them to do this more effectively. However, your entitlements and the school’s obligations are not always clear. The situation can be confusing and difficult to navigate. Sometimes parents need help to negotiate and secure the support their child needs in school.


Mrs Liz Murray, is a former special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCo) and highly experienced education consultant, who offers help to families in such circumstances. Liz will liaise with your child’s school on your behalf to discuss your child’s needs and find the common ground upon which the arrangements will work for all parties.

Liz begins by reading your child’s educational psychology report to familiarise herself with your case. She will then discuss the details with you by phone and help formulate your goals. Liz will then contact the key member of staff at your school, typically the SENCo, to discuss the implementation of support and the arrangements for monitoring of progress. She will then feedback the outcomes to you.

Liz’s fee for the above service is £190 and payable directly to Liz. If further support is required, such as attending meetings at school, then this can be agreed and arranged with her on a case-by-case basis. To find out more, please contact Liz at:


School Liaison


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Liz Murray

Education Consultant

Liz has worked in education for over 20 years and is passionate about helping children and families. She gained a first-class undergraduate degree in English and Drama from the University of Wales, which paved the way to working as a Learning and Development coordinator for Merrill Lynch in Tokyo. After returning to the UK, she developed her teaching practice at a Camden state secondary school, working as an English teacher and Head of Year, before being recruited as the inaugural Head of English at a new academy in North Finchley. She played an integral part in growing an outstanding, all-through school; taking on various leadership roles along the way including accredited Advanced Skills Teacher of English and SEN, and later, Assistant Principal for Inclusion and SENCo. At this point, she formally qualified as a SENCo, gaining a distinction for highly praised action research, on the National SENCo Award programme at UCL.

Liz moved to an independent school to take on the role of Assistant Headteacher for Personalised Learning and SENCo. In this setting, she developed bespoke approaches to working with primary and secondary age children, who had specific, and often nuanced, learning needs. Her method was to combine evidence-based research with secure and detailed knowledge of the child’s learning needs, which often included collaboration with Educational Psychologists, discussing assessment findings and recommendations and then bridging these into the school setting to create effective and dynamic provision.

Given her breadth of experience across pastoral, curriculum and SEND leadership roles in both the state and independent sectors, Liz is ideally positioned to offer parents expert specialist advice for all types of learning needs. She also understands how best to communicate and collaborate with schools to enable action that will support children effectively. 

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