for schools

We work with primary and secondary schools across London to provide assessments for pupils who are struggling with their learning, in both the state and independent sectors. 
  • Clarification of a child's difficulties and a personalised learning plan

  • Psychometric tests giving clear insights into a child's cognitive profile.

  • Collaboration when managing parental concerns. A parent feedback meeting follows immediately after the  assessment, where the psychologist will explain the findings and their implications to the parents.

  • Clearly worded and detailed reports within 12 - 14 working days of the assessment.

  • EP advice tailored to fit with the unique culture of your school and to be implemented/ to be in line with your SEND policy.

  • Support and advice with making effective onward referrals to other organisations, such as CAMHS and GPs.

  • In the case of EHCP applications, liaison with the local authority educational psychology service.

  • Practitioner psychologists who are highly trained in assessment and consultation.

Our approach

We offer three models for schools:


1. Three assessments per visit.


Three pupils are assessed per visit with a 45 minute parent/ SENCo feedback meeting for each case. Each assessment last two to two and a half hours and the assessments and feedback meetings take place on the same day.


2. Four assessments per visit.


Four pupils assessed per visit with a single, extended SENCo case review of all four cases at the end of the day.


Please note, two practitioners will visit and require two rooms to work in.

3. Remote assessment.

These can be booked for individual students and include either a parent and/or SENCo feedback meeting via video conference. Please click here for more information.

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